About Us

Introducing Dexter Creative Solutions – the transformation of Affinity Promo Design Studio, a design agency that has flourished since its inception in 2015. With our team’s ongoing growth and development, we have blossomed into a full-service digital agency. Today, we proudly embrace our new identity, born out of a marriage and name change.
Welcome to Dexter Creative Solutions, where limitless possibilities meet unparalleled creativity.


We provide a full range of digital marketing and design expertise

At Dexter Creative Solutions, our vision is to be more than just a marketing partner. We aim to become an integral part of your team, working hand in hand to help build your success and drive the growth of your business. Together, we can achieve greatness and reach new heights.


Gina Dexter

CEO & Creative Director
Hispanic Female Owned Business

Robert Dexter

Text Message Marketing Expert & Business Development

Jeff Dexter

Web Designer, Video Editing (Volunteer)
Human Resources Labor Law Consultant

Justin Crespo

Design & Lead Funnel & AI Chat Funnel Expert

Lourdes del Rio

Strategic Marketing Expert
and Project Management Consultant